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Drilling Equipment

Drilling types of equipment are widely used in oilfield supply stores in both land and offshore markets for designing and forming the top of the line drill rigs, especially for the minerals drilling industries. Such Drill Rigs are working on every continent in the world and are mostly used for mineral exploration drilling, geothermal drilling, construction drilling, water well drilling etc..

We at ACSL are specialised in supplying the best equipment which has earned the reputation of erecting the best drilling rigs today. The OEM’s we work with are known for their rugged dependability and low maintenance. Services provided by our team has allowed us to offer the best equipment for a wide range of drill rig models that satisfy a variety of needs, including auger drilling, wet rotary drilling, core drilling, and down-the-hole hammer drilling. Our clients also receive an unmatched service and support that you won’t find anywhere else.