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Electrical & Power Transmission

Long distance transmission of electrical power is one of the major challenges of the electrical age. The goals which engineers have been working towards have remained the same despite many other things changing over the years.

We at ACSL provide solutions to meet the Efficiency, Safety, Cost, and Robustness. Efficiency here defines the extent to which time is well used for the intended task, in general transportation of electric power over distance with minimal losses. Safety: The condition or feeling of being safe, security; transport power through urban and rural areas minimizing harm to people and the environment. Cost: Amount of money, time, etc. that is required or used; to use minimal raw materials and building/operating costs possible. Robustness: The quality of being robust; create a system which is not vulnerable to surges from lightning, solar flares, earthquakes, ice storms, wind storms and have the system be able to ‘heal’ itself when outages occur, isolating problem areas.