Reflective Tape, Self-Adhesive Warning Tape


  • Reflective Tape, Self-Adhesive Warning Tape, 5 cm x 4 m, Reflective for Safety, Weatherproof Reflective Tape, High-Quality Reflector Sticker, Red White

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1.【High Quality Materials】The reflective film tape is made of PVC material, resistant to sunlight and rain, does not fade and is durable. The surface is a hexagonal 3D honeycomb pattern, which provides a more refined and fashionable appearance. This is the perfect decoration for your car.2.【High Visibility】The warning tape uses prism reflection technology and has a bright red arrow marking. The reflection efficiency is extremely strong, which can help others quickly identify the presence of your vehicle and protect driving safety at night.3.【Marking-free cleaning】: When cleaning the reflective tape with your fingernail, gently scrape the edge of the sticker and then completely peel off without leaving marks or damaging the paint. When the weather is cold, you can properly heat and remove the tape with a hair dryer after the glue melts and softens.

4.【Easy to use】The reflective tape can be used as long as the sticker is removed, and it is very easy to cut. You can determine the length according to your needs; however, remember to remove the dust and stains on the surface of the object before using it.

5.【Widely used】: traffic safety reflective tape is suitable for emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, safety bars, helmets, road markings, ships and mechanical equipment etc. and can even be used on skateboards and suitcases.


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